“The vital path weaves surfaces”

For more than 30 years, Adriana Rizkallah has prioritized sustainability in her work, creating an exclusive recycled papier-mâché technique.

“The vital path weaves surfaces and my work is a result of the deconstruction of paper, material which I find very versatile. The production is born through a different sight, instigating individual and collective perceptions that arises synthesia, creating many visual-sensory interpretations”.

Adriana Rizkallah


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Paper. Exercise to Your Senses

Sustainable Design

Transforming Paper Waste to Desirable Objects

Special Projects

Social Project “Paper is Possibility”


Adriana Rizkallah is a brazilian artist, born in São Paulo, 1962. 

 Graduated in Visual Arts by FAAP University in 1984, she went on to specialize herself in sculpture, specifically in papier-mâché technique. Paper has always fascinated Adriana and her art is an analogy between perception and reality. 

The work contains recycled papier-mâché, making it completely sustainable and eco-friendly. 

 The artist began by producing drawings, paintings and collages and later evolved in working exclusively with paper. 

Adriana`s main objective is to evidence and play with the many possibilities of surface art, including sustainable measures to her art pieces.


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R. Coronel Artur de Paula Ferreira, 131
Vila Nova Conceição / SP – Brazil
Postal code: 04511-060


(+55) 11 3845 7037